Friday, March 07, 2008

Crazy Days

The days just seem to pass by in a blur. So many things going on its hard to keep track of it all, so hopefully this post will help me organize my head.
MAGIC FLUTE: As mentioned earlier, ended up doing some more screen designs, which I am very pleased with. Their looser and probably fit into the overall look of the play a bit better. Opens on March 12th!
THESIS: Have begun working on a new creation myth piece. This time its the Japanese story. Its fairly long and complex, so I chose to illustrate a more specific part, in which life/death are put into motion. All in all, it's a fantastic story, and I'm really excited as to where the piece is going so far, even if its still in the drawing phase. I've been looking alot of Japanese art for research, and its definitely having some affect on my line and general aesthetics, but for the better.
SOCIETY OF ILL: I am very pleased to have a piece in this year's student competition. A total of 5 students from MICA got work in (nice job guys), including myself. The show will be in New York, opening on April 30 (my birthday!), with the reception/presentation on May 2nd. To see my entry as well as other winners:

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Lanny said...

Congratulations on getting your piece in that show! That's awesome!

We got your CD, I'll give it a listen asap