Monday, April 21, 2008

Gunslinger #3

Presenting my third illustration for the Gunslinger. Like the last one, this composition was radically different from the sketch I had posted earlier, and I like this one much more. It just goes to show that its good to step back from working for a bit, so that you can approach it later with a fresh eye. Taking a break showed me that the previous composition was relatively weak, and didn't hold up well with the other illustrations.

I'm pretty pleased with the work that has come out of this series so far, and I'm approaching the last piece in the series! I think I will post my process for the last illo as well, for anyone who is curious/interested. If anyone has some feedback on this piece, please feel free to share.

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dave said...

Wonderful King illustrations. I have done a few myself. Such a rich world he has created. I'm surprised you don't see more art based on the DT books.