Wednesday, September 03, 2008


This piece for Cicada magazine finally gave me an excuse to get my new studio space organized.
I was asked to create a simple, yet powerful image to convey the idea or feeling of 'home'.
Sketched out lots of ideas (above are just a few examples), and since I had a generous amount of time to complete the work, it also gave me a good chance to really collaborate with the art director and arrive at a final image which we both felt very good about. I'm excited to see it on the cover!
At the very bottom is a sketch that could turn into something...

Stay tuned because I'm working on a new piece that will be super. Promise.


Sam Bosma said...

Really stellar final, Eamonn. Simple concept, easily readable by any age, and still very powerful and sophisticated conclusion.

Sam Bosma said...

I totally agree. And one of my favorite color combos too! Nice job, my friend. :)

Sam Bosma said...

Oops, that was a comment by me, Kali...not sam, again. :P