Friday, October 31, 2008

Music makes the people...

New spot illustration for m-m-Muse. Gaining inspiration from Gary Kelley's prints of blues guitarists, I wanted to capture that intimate atmosphere that seems to swirl around musicians as they play. The art director wanted something a bit more abstract and simplified, so I erased out the shapes from a uniform charcoal field. I know an artist should always use the best materials, but I did this drawing on copier paper, which held the thin layer of charcoal exactly how I wanted it. Keeping it from blowing off the page was a challenge, but I enjoyed pushing and pulling the charcoal as if it was paint.
Go pick up a copy of this month's Cicada magazine, and you shall be mesmerized by the cover! It printed very nicely and feels good in the hands.
More musical themed pieces to come!


Judith Uzcategui said...

that's a very hot image of Musicians!
I'm enjoying your use of strong contrasts!it's very sophisticated an sexy! keep it up!

Kurtis said...

I thought the picture was beautiful and illustrated the story perfectly. My wife commented on it, too. Thanks!