Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Care to Listen instead of Look?

Art isn't the only thing that takes up my time (although if it was I'd probably be much better), I also write & record songs when the mood strikes.
For the first time on this blog, I would like to share an original score. It's been a long time since initial creation to finished, professional sounding end product, but I hope you can enjoy the change.
'I Beg Your Pardon'
Recorded at 5801 Studios and mixed at Avalon Studios
Produced by Will Donnelly
Drums & Guitar: Will, Bass & Vox: Me

Turn it up!


Everett said...


Nancy Muller said...

Eamonn I am loving this business. Lately it seems I want to animate everything, but this especially makes me want to animate something crazy. At the very least I am dancing around. I look forward to hearing more.