Sunday, April 05, 2009


'Melhos Place'
9 x 7", Charcoal & Photoshop

Most recent illustration for a Canadian publication, subTerrain mag. It was a pretty fast project and fairly challenging, which I think I needed. There is a spot illo to accompany this full page, but I will post that later. There is also a wet painting on my easel, but it is too early to make note of yet. I completely forgot (again) how much I enjoy painting, I just wish I had more space to make bigger canvases.
A while back I had the priviledge of meeting this guy. I was invited up to his studio in nearby Evanston, to discuss art & illustration. He was kind enough to take a look at my work and gave me some excellent critique and overall advice. My jaw just about hit the floor seeing his paintings up close, but an unexpected benefit was seeing his sketches for a new body of work he will premiere next year. His sketches were just quick acrylic paintings on 4x6" gesso board, but they were very fresh and immediate, quite different and more experimental than his finished works.
His method for creating illustrations was eye-opening as well. There was so much preparation and attention to every step, starting from the first sketch to the last brush stroke. It just made me take a hard look at how I go about making my images. The effort that you put into the early stages certianly pays off in the end.

I look forward to seeing my Baltimore friends mid-April! It has been too long.
(Almost a year since graduation!?)

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Alejandro Gonzalez said...

Looks good, man. Just discovered you through Irene Gallo's blog. Great work!!