Saturday, May 02, 2009

Landscape (2)

I know what you're thinking, 'Didn't I already see this?'
Well, yes, you did. But this latest version has an extra 15 layers or so of pale hues, my own mix of medium, and shellac. The client liked the landscape, but asked for some revisions, which gave me a chance to try out some new things that I had only contemplated about doing.

I'll try to get some new work up this month, June & July might be sparse in terms of posts because I'm moving. Thankfully, this move won't be as painful as the previous one. Megan and I are just moving closer to the city, and we have a generous amount time to do so. Unfortunately, as you get closer the rent goes up, so we have to downgrade to a 1br.
We found a big one though, with a perfect area to install some space to work, but that's not the only benefit. We'll be even closer to the lake, live in a nicer neighborhood, be immersed in the culture & nightlife of Chicago (lots of galleries nearby too), and save a bit of money (which might go towards getting a Lollapalooza ticket).

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Nick Iluzada said...

this painting is coming along rather nicely