Thursday, April 22, 2010


Woody Allen
11 x 14"

Portrait commission for a friend. Most of what I've been doing lately has been design oriented, so it was great to get my hands black with charcoal again.
I've also updated the sketch section on my website! It has some of my more recent doodles up there. I'll also be doing my second annual self portrait (you can see last years here) soon as my birthday is right around the corner!
I completed my application for a birthright trip this summer to Israel, and I must say I am incredibly anxious to find out whether I get to go or not.

Tools of the trade: medium charcoal, graphite pencil 0.9 mm, eraser pen, electric eraser, acrylic paint.


Sam Bosma said...

Great likeness, buddy.

D. Bowers said...

Looks good man, keep on keepin on, stop by Bmore sometime...

Manuel Dupong said...

Very nice work!

Jingyao Guo said...

love the hair !