Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Here we go, folks.

The Delaware based blues-rock trio, Villains Like You, asked me to create some album artwork for their upcoming EP, Silver & Lead. Over the course of several emails, the project ballooned into something far more ambitious. Instead of making hard copies of the EP, the band decided to release the songs in four parts over the internet (first wave to hit soon). I thought it was a neat idea; listeners could piece together the EP over time, building some anticipation for the next batch of songs. It changes the listeners relationship to the songs as well, instead of digesting everything all at once.

Now one piece of art wouldn't cut it. Who wants to see the same image four times? So four new works will be popping up on the blog here, and will eventually connect into one epically strange piece that represents Silver & Lead.
If I did not convey how excited I am for this, I'll try again when the Part Deux arrives in the next few weeks. 'Til then!

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