Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012: A Schubas Residency

Now hear this: The Kickback will be playing every Monday in March as we begin our Schubas residency. 
Famed Chicago venue, Schubas Tavern, asked the band to participate in a residency where we would play every week. It's a big honor and we're terribly excited about it. 
Most, if  not all, of the band members are fans of Stanley Kubrick's cinematic repertoire, and it was high time his visuals were applied to a Kickback poster. 
I re-watched several Kubrick movies in a desperate search for inspiration, and oddly enough it was during Eyes Wide Shut when it finally hit. This website was very helpful too. 

Every week there will be something new: different lineup of bands, perhaps you can hear some early tunes, and there's a brand new Kickback song we're eager to share. 
Best of all, the final show on 3/26 will feature a live performance of our upcoming LP, from beginning to end. 

So there you have it! Revel in the fine films of Kubrick and live music on Mondays! You know where you can find us. 

03-05-2012 The Kickback @Schubas
03-12-2012 The Kickback @Schubas
03-19-2012 The Kickback @Schubas
03-26-2012 The Kickback @Schubas

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