Thursday, July 15, 2010

Israel Sketches

I thought I was pretty stealthy in drawing this guy sitting next to me on the plane, but I think I creeped him out and he changed seats later during the flight.

Despite being barely 70 years old, Israel has developed quickly with an interesting mix of modern architecture among ancient ruins.

On the left is a Rabbi who would wrap tourists in Tefillin whilst on their way throughout the old city of Jerusalem, reminding them of God.
On the right is a religious man who I made several attempts to draw whilst praying at the Western Wall. It was a particularly hot day and despite being dressed in heavy black clothing, he never paused or rested from his prayer.

Israel's small borders were at times paid for in blood. (top) Liron, in deep thought at a memorial for soldiers that fell in the defense of a northern border. (bottom) The Israel / Syria border.

The first one on the left is a drawing of a Holocaust survivor by the name of Mascha, who shared some of her experiences before we entered the memorial.
On the right is a drawing from a photograph of an unknown child who died in the Warsaw ghetto. Read the quote that sums up the collective feeling of those who who had to live in the ghetto.

The soldiers who traveled with us were really incredible people, I am so glad to have gotten to know and draw them. In uniform, its easy to forget that these soldiers are barely adults. (L Natan, a Navy Intelligence Officer who cannot swim, and (R) is Sivan, another officer who can swim.

Camels are freaky looking creatures.

(top) Bedouin tent where we camped for a night out in the desert. (bottom) The final resting place of David Ben Gurion, Israel's first prime minister and devout Zionist.

Drawing of our Israeli tour guide, Boaz, during Shabbat morning service. The original is now in his hands, given as a gift, so this shoddy photo is the only record I have. It was tough to part with it, but Boaz certainly deserved it.

Last but not least is a caricature of Boaz for our group t shirt. An excellent and enthusiastic tour guide, but with one flaw. He could not pronounce our group number (443), always making the three sound like 'free'. I had two hours to do this. I ended up having to pay for the shirt too. I'm never working for free again. Below the image is a cheesy inspirational quote that just looks way better in Hebrew.


Sam Bosma said...

Some super drawing, Eamonn. I have too many favorites to list.

Kali Ciesemier said...

Ooooweeee! Such nice work, I miss seeing your observational drawings around like these. :) That soldier standing, and the devout man leaning against the wall, and the landscape with the powerline, and everything else in this post....just awesome!!

10nisplayer said...

Hi there. I haven't been reading tweets lately so missed that you were in Israel until B. told me. Some great drawings from your trip. I liked all of them but especially the landscape with the powerline, the camel, and Sivan. Valerie B.