Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh Lord, Wherever You Are

I've been focusing on music these past months (listening, writing, recording), hopping from one project to next until I found one that stuck. I really couldn't let this go to waste any longer, it was made to be played!

The project that stuck has developed into a formidable power trio, playing a mix of pop, rock, and blues. We still do not have a name, so if anyone feels like throwing one out there for consideration, we would appreciate it.
We just finished recording a demo at Mystery Street, and will be able to show you once the songs have been mixed and mastered by this guy.
Below is a neat little video which will give you an introduction to the band:

I didn't completely drop art though, I've been sketching all the while. Soon enough I'll be able to show you an illo that I'm working on for the Urbanite mag in Baltimore, and some charcoal drawings after that. Consider this blog resurrected.

EDIT: I uploaded the Israel sketches to the sketch section of my website, now you can see them in greater detail.

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jazzlamb said...

I'm in LOVE with the way this sketch looks. It has a very kickass, raw quality which matches perfectly with the lyrics of Born Free :)