Thursday, December 02, 2010

Crime & Punishment

Drawing done w/ charcoal, graphite, scotch tape and acrylic paint, colored in Photoshop.

Another post so soon? Incredible isn't it?
Above is an illo freshly completed for the upcoming January issue of the Urbanite,
with art direction by Kim Michalov. I just gave you a little preview, because I haven't been able to see how it works in the final page layout.
This was for an interesting story regarding old/new approaches to criminal justice. Some attorneys are adamant about being tough on crime, while others are convinced there are cheaper, alternative methods to prison sentencing that can be more beneficial to society.

There was alot to think about - Can alternative sentencing really be effective? Will it be applied to right offenders? What is the tipping point where jail time is the only option? Since these new methods to sentencing are relatively new, its hard to gauge what their outcome and success will be. I ended up doing a fair amount of research about the topic. While the research did generate thoughts and imagery, sometimes that early sketch and gut reaction is what you come back to. With the some tweaking and developing, the final emerged.


(Alternative composition)

Up next: The demo for the still unnamed band is nearly finished, so I need to switch gears and do a bit of design work. We're very excited to show it to the world, and play some gigs.


Sam Bosma said...

Eamonn! This is awesome. Really terrific job.

Kali Ciesemier said...

I concur! Lovely soft colors!